reincarnated fine art, contemporary  jewelry & accessories

{rē-in'kär,nāted| verb: return to life; get or give new life or energy.


 Jomama is an eco boutique brand of nature inspired jewelry created by recyclist Jo DeSerio Jones. For the free spirited; it's nomadic vibe is a little vintage, a little bohemian, a little industrial...all eco cool wearable art. It was born out of a passion for unique things and...a NEED to recycle. Jomama can be found in galleries, boutiques and museums in the US. While much of her work shows decay, she is essentially bringing things back to life in celebration.
A portion of all proceeds are donated to: Friends of the earth.     

      artist Jo DeSerio Jones of Jomama


 Her JOSEPHINE™ art line is her gallery line, introduced in 2016, to showcase upscale wearable fine art pieces.  All are one of a kind and also available in galleries.


 "I respect the connection I have with the earth and value all it has to offer me in the form of materials and inspiration. My artwork is an extension of my lifestyle and a result of my upbringing, experiences and travels; and it is typically a tribute to decay, while honoring a life that has been lived. I've been an artist my entire life and have evolved from canvas to fabric to metal. Being an environmentalist and mixed media artist, I incorporate recycled elements and found objects, as well as eco-friendly products into my work whenever possible, giving things a second chance at life. Having organic roots, my pieces tend to focus on inspiration from nature; and the beauty of age and time. Like a bird, I'm a gatherer, intertwining and incorporating my findings into my work like a nest." Jo

 With a diverse collected education, this organic mechanic is drawn to discarded items radiating nature's patina. Crazy about color and texture, and taking it to the next level, she incorporates soldering, casting, fold forming and enameling to add layers to her designs. She also crafts personal family heirlooms into wearable memories.

 She's a bit of a gatherer like a bird, and intertwines and incorporates her findings into her work. Her love for metal has evolved into recent pieces which are a compilation of soldering, cold connections and enamel incorporated with recycled leather. Her work can be found at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, as well as in retail boutiques.

 Along with blogging, she is an ICE Resin® certified instructor, a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths and a member of the American Craft Council. She was an ambassador for Bernina, featured in Daily Candy, Celebrate Green eco blog, Antisteez, and OM Times online. She's attended the Penland School of Craft, Arrowmont, John C Campbell Folk School, Bead & Button Show, and teaches locally.