Earth Day 2016

Earth Day:

Today is Earth Day. I have mixed emotions about this day. I’m thankful that awareness is brought to the planet today, but I want more. I want it to be every day. So I continue to raise awareness and spread the  word through my art and jewelry. My passion for keeping things out of the landfill continues to fuel my creativity.

The simplest things can make a difference in being earth friendly:

Conserve Water: Use a refillable water bottle, not disposable plastic ones. Also use dishwater to water plants and turn off the water when brushing your teeth (did you know that less than 1% of the earth’s water is actually drinkable?)

Buy Locally Grown Products: Luckily markets are making it easier to buy local honey, produace and even meat.

Compost: You don’t need a bin to compost. It can be as easy as throwing used coffee grinds, eggshells os an apple core under your bushes. No one will see or smell it and they’ll break down and become rich soil in no time.

Stop Littering: Cigarette butts are not bidegradeable and shouldn’t be treated as if they are. Please put in the landfill can.

Use less chemicals: Buy unbleached paper towels or use cloth napkins, use vinegar to clean with.

Educate Others: Go paperless and pay bills online. Donate all unwanted items. It’s simple!

Let's make every day earth day. Spread the word and please share this post.

It's a concrete world out there, plant a tree. Happy Earth Day!

Peace, Jo