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Memoirs of the Playa: Burning Man 2015

The theme was carnival of mirrors. The energy was high. I must have biked a few hundred miles in the 12 days I was there. I'm talking about this year's Burning man. It was my first time attending this magical gathering. It's really way beyond words trying to explain it to people. Not only did I go, but I participated in an interactive art installation too. The creativity was endless and the people were energized.

Inspiration in recycling

I was recently commissioned to make a figurine and boy did I have fun with it! It's a compilation of found, repurposed and recycled items. The only new materials were the wire and a bolt I used as the spine.
  I began to work away, twisting, drilling and strategically placing each piece. The only problem was when to stop. And each time I said she was finished, I lied, and spent another hour on her. 
So without further ado, here is Steampunk Ballerina!

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