Spring trends for 2014

Spring is here! You know what that means? Spring trends. Now I'm not trendy, never have been, but who doesn't like a few new pieces in their wardrobe? So I like to keep an eye out. 
First up  Pantone radiant orchid. Not sure how I feel about this one, reminds me a little of Barney the dinosaur.


Heels and socks; Ok, I've been doing this for years and people thought I was crazy :) 

Tribal touches; I'm on board. Let's just not go overboard with this please. 

Flowing pants; Now this I can dig! Soft, feminine, and no muffin top! 

Bottom line here, take what you like from the latest releases and put your own twist on it. Create your own style. Be you; don't buy an outfit off the mannequin!
Happy spring!
Peace, Jomama