Talisman project with Ice Resin®

When I agreed to participate in the Ice Resin® Talisman project I had to pick a word. Any word. My thoughts are, of ALL of the possible  words, which one shall I use? The talisman word I chose is…

nur·ture  [Nourrir in French] noun \ˈnər-chər\: the care and attention given to someone or something that is growing or developing.

I've never thought of myself as a nurturing person. I don't coddle or baby, I'm too busy for that. I'm independent and motivated, and I love to do my own thing.
But then, it hit me! I do nurture. I nurture my soul, while creating, I nurture the earth when I garden, and also when I recycle; I have the utmost respect for her. I've realized I nurture nature. I'm beginning to notice something here; I AM a nurturer! So you may not think of yourself this way either, but in some way, you probably are. Somewhere deep within. So, whatever aspect of your life it is that needs you, nurture it!

Here I used copper wire, a hobnail bezel, Ice Resin®, Iced enamels, a recycled bottle cap, a repurposed quail egg and wishbone...

Nourrir, Jomama

stylishly saving the planet, one design at a time.