Creating with Connie Crystal

I recently had the good fortune to work with Connie Crystal during #CraftingTheEmmys. They were nice enough to supply the Ice Resin Design Team with some of their beautiful crystals. Though many were used in my charms for the Emmy’s, I did manage to save a few for myself and they're here in this blog hop ;]

Here are photos of a scarf/ necklace I made for the Victorian Day of the dead ball. I cast the skull with Ice Resin and painted it, built a bezel and filled it with resin, floated Iced Enamels Fire opal within it. I attached the beautiful crystals supplied by Connie Crystal to a vintage scarf. I can't wait to wear it!

The rest of the blog hop links are listed after the pics.

Peace, Jomama


Victorian Day of the dead skull necklace by Jomama

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Very cool - love it!

Very cool - love it!

Thank Cindy, I got to wear it

Thank Cindy, I got to wear it last night!