Living a creative life

The other day I was listening to TED talks about creativity. One of the speakers said that everyone copies someone. It's called inspiration. Then, when you're ready, your own ideas take off. There is definitely truth to this. Think about how many times you've seen something and made it. Then, you asked yourself, what if... What if I add this? What if I change that? And so, the creative process moves forward.

 The thing about creativity is that it comes and goes. The important thing is to surround yourself with creative people and things. When you hit a block, don't be afraid to push that project aside and then come back to it, even if months have passed. It's like taking a vacation from it and you'll see it in a new light!

Peace and creativity, Jomama

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I do find myself inspired by other artists but not in a way that imitates but ignites. I saw a painting once that had written in the middle of it "I am more than you see". That one statement inspired me to create a series of 7 collages none that bare any resemblance to the painting that inspired them.