Rue Romantique Ornament blog hop

I'm not gonna lie, THIS WAS FUN!!!

 I was sent the beautiful Rue Romantique bezel KR102 Large Filigree Truss designed by Kristen Robinson, and asked to create a holiday ornament. Now as Carol said, I don't normally do bling. I immediately went to my bin of vintage jewelry looking for glitz and shimmer for this holiday festivity. Wow, a red blinged "merry". I'll take it. A green rhinestone pin. I'll take that too! 

 So you're asking, what did I actually do to make this ornament? Well, I used Iced enamels around the edges of the bezel and some glitter in the center held in with Ice Resin®. Then using wire and jump rings, I attached the vintage parts. I created the hook with wire and attached some Connie Crystals to finish it off.

 Isn't it pretty? I think so ;]

shopjomama handmade ornament vintage jewelry

May your creative holiday juices flow!

Peace, Jomama

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Friday, Nov. 8 Kristen Robinson Jen Crossley Cindy Cima Edwards Cindi Bisson You can look forward to these ornaments: Saturday, Nov. 9 (ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley Lexi Grenzer Pamela Huntington Susan Walls Jen Cushman Sunday, Nov. 10 Lesley Venable Sandy Martin Susan Weckesser


so pretty!

so pretty!

Gorgeous ornaments - love,

Gorgeous ornaments - love, love, love!

Rue Romantique Blog Hop

For someone who doesn't do bling, you did a great job!

Beautiful work

Beautiful work

Beautiful bezel!

Beautiful bezel!

You mastered the art of

You mastered the art of bling! Great ornament!


What a surprise! Beautiful!

This is absolutely stunning!!

This is absolutely stunning!! Simple yet elegant! TFS!

Rue Romantic

This is fabulous... so sparkly and bight ...just perfect for a happy holiday hop!


Jo, this is beautifully sparkly! Very pretty!!